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‘Rivista’ carries the meaning Journal and we work with publishing papers at regular time intervals. We are a team of Gold open access that allows the final version of article to be freely and permanently accessible to everyone, immediately after publication; Copyright for the article is retained by the authors. The authors can freely share their article and anyone (with an internet connection) can access their work for free.

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Rivista Publications is an “Online Journal” and our team is committed to reach the highest peer review criteria. Each journal's Editorial Board defines the peer review strategy, while upholding our high standards. To ensure that any decision is as fair as possible, all our Editors offer their assistance, advise on strategy, decision-making, plagiarism and ethics. We deliver fast robust peer review to maintain knowledge integrity.


Rivista Publications came into light with a purpose that, Research must always be of high quality in order to produce knowledge that is applicable. This leads to a progress in global health with the translation of research into practice. Publishing your study may be one initial step to make your research known to the global community and we always desire to be one of the best platforms.


We live in an increasingly internet-centric world, and this creates a change in the way we interact, exchange and connect with each other, which has a profound influence on scientific research and academic publishing. Through our work, we strive to be a successful publication platform for open access that mainly contains new researches that support scientific communities around the globe.

Current Articles

Case Report | Rivista Orthopaedics

15 March 2022

Role of Physiotherapist in the Rehabilitation of Hand Replantantion

Rajani Cartor, M.1* & Divyavani, V.2

Replantation is the process of reattaching an amputated limb to the rest of the body using neurovascular and musculoskeletal tissues in order to restore function.............

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Editorial | Rivista Orthopaedics

10 March 2022

Health Crisis, World Crisis

Ashwini Kalsait, S.

Every common man is the universal entity of our world. Nature gives us tremendous heritage & resources to cope with the situations of day-to-day life. Our history is the prominent example of how the world suffer with the pandemic in the less facility of technology............

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Research Article | Rivista Neurology

05 March 2022

Effectiveness of Introducing Chiri Helpline for Dealing with Various Psycho-Social Issues Faced by Children in Kerala during COVID-19 Pandemic

Nitin Nishad1* & Rima Joseph2

Within three months of lockdown starting from march 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, at least 66 children have committed suicide in Kerala. Just like adults, children were also observed to have lot of mental stress, anxiety, and worries due to the unexpected changes in their course of life...........

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Conceptual Paper | Rivista Medicine

26 February 2022

An Overview on Ayurvedic Remedies in Overcoming Communicable Illnesses and Its Contemporary Relevance W.S.R COVID-19

Bhavya, B. M.*, Doddamani, S. H. & Shubhashree, M. N.

In ancient medicine, Swasthya or Health is considered as the equilibrium of three dosha (regulatory functional factors), agni (digestive fire), dhatu (tissues), mala (waste products) & together with the pleasant state of atma (soul),...............

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Literature Review | Rivista Medicine

07 February 2022

Critical Evaluation of Ayurvedic Shabda Pariksha (Sound Examination) In Diagnosis of Diseases WSR to Stethoscopic Auscultation

Subhash Waghe, D.

The various sound produced in the body are used as tools in the diagnosis of disease by ancient Ayurvedic acharyas. Acharya Charaka, in Vimansthana, had asked to examine the bowel sounds, joint crepitation and other peculiar sounds produced in the body such as cough and hiccups to diagnose the disease condition of that particular system..............

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Review Article | Rivista Medicine

04 February 2022

Retinoblastoma: Rare Plight in Pediatrics

Sunil Chaudhry

Retinoblastoma is an eye cancer that typically develops in children before they touch 5 years. Incidence is low, with 1 in 20, 000 live births worldwide. The estimated incidence is variable ranging from 3.4 to 42.6 cases per million live births.............

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Review Article | Rivista Neurology

02 February 2022

Singing Your Way to Neurology

Ruchika Tandon

Researchers worldwide are utilizing the therapeutic and healing properties of music for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with medical illnesses. In recent times, it is increasingly being used for neurological diseases, as well...........

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Editorial | Rivista Medicine

11 January 2022

Quō vādis? Imbibing Medicine through Telemedicine in COVID Era

Sunil Chaudhry

Prologue: The countries with the most cases of COVID 19 after the U.S. are India, Brazil, the U.K., and Russia. The International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses selected the phrase (SARS-CoV-2)............

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Research Article | Rivista Neurology

06 January 2022

Demographic Study of Pattern and Organisms Causing Lung Infection (Pneumonia) In Neurosurgical ICU Setup after Undergoing Neurosurgery

Upadhyay, P. K.1*, Tiwary, G.2, Upadhyay, K.3 & Kritika, U.3

Ventilators induced pneumonia are usually associated with some predisposing risk factors. Predisposing factor which were taken into account during this study were prior antacids, prior aspiration, alcoholism, smoking,..........

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Editorial | Rivista Neurology

05 January 2022

Conducting Neurospinal Surgery Using Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONPM), as Safe Guard against Possible Neuronal Damage and Prevent Morbidity and Mortality

Pankaj Kumar Upadhyay

Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IOM) in Neuro spinal surgery may reduces the incidence of postoperative neurological complications, at all neurological level. Many techniques are available and motor and somatosensory evoked potentials are thought to be essential for better results of IONPM..........

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